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Karpathos is a Greek Island with a rich history that dates back to the Neolithic period. The island has several historical sights, ruins, and early-Christian basilicas to explore, as well as a few museums to visit. The most famous museum in Karpathos island is probably the Archaeological Museum, which is located in Karpathos town and has three halls which host findings from the Neolithic times up to the Middle Ages. You may find below the most popular sights and landmarks to visit during your holidays in Karpathos Island:


Situated at an altitude of 250m, at the saddle of the mountain of Prophet Elias, Olympos is the northernmost and most mountainous village of Karpathos. Long-term isolation from the rest of Karpathos helped the village to maintain its particular cultural identity until nowadays. The ancient dialect that people speak, traditional music, customs and architecture are a few examples of this uniqueness that the village presents.

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Saria, the uninhabited island at the north of Karpathos, is an important ecological area with many antiquities, which can be toured only on foot. Small boat cruises leaving in the morning from the port of Pigadia or Diafani, offer sightseeing tours through the area of Saria, Vroukounda and Tristomo, along with swimming and eating at these inaccessible beaches of Karpathos.

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The small islet of Sokastro is situated opposite the village of Lefkos. The islet is nowadays deserted. Only tourists visit it during the summer months to explore the eerie beaches and see the remnants of medieval vaulted buildings and fortifications of the Byzantine era. Sokastro is accessible by excursion boat from Lefkos.

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Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Karpathos is located in the capital city of Pigadia and it is housed in the old County Hall of Karpathos and Kasos which was built during the years of the Italian occupation of the island. The exhibits include finds from prehistoric times, the Late Bronze Age, the historical period, the Byzantine period and folklore items from various settlements of the island.

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Pyles Village

Located just 5km from Arpathea Villas, the picturesque village of Pyles is probably the greenest village of the island. Here, will be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and one of the most spectacular sunsets of the island. You can also visit the Agricultural Museum which welcomes many visitors during the summer months. The village’s main festivals are held on August 15th and September 14th each year, during which you can enjoy plenty of food and wine and have fun with traditional music and dance

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Kasos Island

The picturesque island of Kasos, the sight of which you enjoy every day from Arpathea Villas, is an ideal destination for a daily excursion since it is connected with the island of Karpathos via ferries. The ferries occasionally leave from the neighbouring village of Finiki as well, however, for better planning, contact the Port Authority of Karpathos.

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