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Karpathos, the breezy island

Author: Arpathea Villas
The direction, speed and constant power of the wind throughout the summer along with the geomorphology make Karpathos an ideal place for the sport of windsurfing. Especially the area of Afiartis is considered the most famous, advantageous and appropriate region of the world for this sport, which is why since 2006 it is conducted here the Speed Windsurfing Championship every year.
The area of Afiartis in Karpathos is characterized by continuous, strong winds throughout the summer and safe sailing conditions for surfers of all levels. The three bays of the area: Paradise, Gun and Chicken are ideal places for the sport of surfing and offer plenty of space for sailing and appropriate currents.
In the Gun bay, wind usually blows with an intensity of 4-8 Beaufort during the months of June and September, which makes it suitable for skill levels more that the average. The wind is blowing in the direction of the beach creating a water level suitable for launching, which progressively increases to give a wave height of a meter in a distance of 300 meters from the beach. These conditions allow rebounds both to beginners and to experienced surfers.
In the Devil’s bay the wind is stronger about 1-2 Beaufort from the Gun bay and in combination with the lack of strong sea currents, offers ideal conditions for launching. In the Chicken bay, the cross wind is blowing with 1-2 Beaufort less intensity and in combination with an area of shallow water in a radius of about 80 meters makes it suitable for beginners, but has a section suitable also for speeding.